Probability and Statistics Resources
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Other probability and statistics activities can be found at
Inspirational quotes and funnies for probability.

NCTM—National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Journals—Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics in the Middle School or Mathematics Teacher. A journal arrives each month during the school year and filled with articles, resources and activities. Once you are a member you have access to electronic copies of previous year’ journals. Cost is around $75 per year per journal. Get more information at
Navigation series from NCTM. Each book includes teacher materials, 8-12 activities with student worksheets, solutions, black line masters, CD with all materials and extra resources. This is an EXCELLENT resource.
The series includes:
· Navigating through Data Analysis and Probability in Grades 3-5
· Navigating through Probability in Grades 6-8
· Navigating through Data Analysis in Grades 6-8
· Navigating through Probability in Grades 9-12
· Navigating through Data Analysis in Grades 9-12
Illuminations Web Site(NCTM)—links to several probability and statistics applets, lessons and activities. Illuminations Select by grade band and standard.
Math Vantage—Ten to twelve minute videos on a variety of mathematical topics aimed at middle level students. Each unit has a video and print material created by Nebraska Teachers. CDs and print material are available from your ESU. A synopsis of each Math Vantage video. List of units available.
The Math Vantage Units for Data Analysis are:
· Data: How Do You Get It?
· Data: How Do You Show It?
· Data: What Does It Mean?
· Chances Are
· The capture/recapture activity in is Math Vantage, Proportional Reasoning, Expressing Relationships, lesson 5. The DVD for this unit has an interview with a game and parks officer.

Christine Franklin ASA websites and info
  • The Statistics Teacher Network The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for Grades K-12 publishes a newsletter three times a year. This is free, previous newsletters are available and you can sign up to receive new newsletters.
  • GAISE report (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) The report can be purchased or downloaded in a PDF.
Actuarial Foundation—activities for grades 3-6 Several activity packets have been developed by the Actuarial Foundation for grades 3-6. These include:
· Are You Game? – Explorations in Probability
· Can You See It in Nature? - Explorations in Patterns and Functions
· Play Ball! - Explorations in Data Analysis & Statistics, Dining Out! - Explorations in Fractions, Decimals & Percents
· Let’s Go to the Mall! - Explorations in Combinatorics (counting techniques)
The Future Channel—short videos on math and science connections to the world.
Against All Odds, Inside Statistics
There are many good examples of how to do statistics that are applicable to students. This site has many resources including videos that will stream to your computer.
ASA/NCTM Poster Contest
· Opportunity for students to formulate questions, collect, organize, analyze and draw conclusions from data.
· Winners will be published in Amstat News and recognized with plaques, cash prizes, certificates, and calculators donated from Texas Instruments.
· More information at

Google misleading graphs. These graphs or others generated by students will provide a resource from which to discuss misleading graphs as well as properties of quality graphs.
Student Ownership Show your students the data related to their test scores, or even better have them do the graphs. Calculating the mean, median, mode and range will demonstrate how they can be used and what each represents in relevant situation. Have the students calculate their grade or cumulative percent. Show box and whisker plots to compare different classes or different test.
L to J presents many opportunities for students to graph data and interpret results.
Nebraska Lottery site To find the odd (probability) select the “Games” tab on the left, choose a game and scroll down to find a chart that contains the odds of winning.
Random Walk Activity
Math Vantage, Data Analysis, Chances Are, Lesson 3-6, question 6
Begin at point (0,0), flip a coin, heads move left, tails move up, stop when you get to one of the points (0,4) (1,3) (2,2) (3,1) or (4,0). Repeat experiment and keep track of which points you land on most frequently.
National Center for Educational Statistics. Choose the “kids’ zone” icon on the top right. This site was shared by Lisa Beckus of South Sioux City. Selecting “Create a Graph” will allow many options for creating graphs. The home page for Kids’ Zone includes a word for the day and much more information.
Wolframalpha select “examples by topic” to get started. This is a multipurpose site that also access to a large amount of information. For example it will provide a graph of the average temperature in Aparahoe Nebraska for the last year. It will provide the length of day light, tide height plus much more. It will also do mathematical calculations.
Data Web Sites:
· Vital Statistics Report
· Select statistics from the menu on the left.
· is a web site where you enter a zip code and get back census data from your zip code.
· provides opportunities to generate data from many different situations.
Many sites have short videos explaining mathematical concepts
· Khan Academy - Content-based lessons and explanations
· videos of mathematics lessons
· A place for students and teachers to share videos.
· Teacher Tube, sharing of videos for teachers
· **patrickJMT** has 863 YouTube videos on his channel.
· A California high-school math teacher is hoping to reach additional students by posting more than 500 of his videotaped classroom lessons on YouTube.
· many resources for using videos in your classrooms.